Hi, I’m Ian

About Me

I became interested in making computer easier to use back in 1997 after erasing my parents PC while trying to install Linux.

I live in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago where I spend time with my daughter, bikes, books, coffee, and loud music.

My Workflow

Doing great work requires understanding both business and user goals, and bridging the research-design gap to bring concepts to fruition. I help stakeholders negotiate challenging tradeoffs by communicating the consequences various design options using data and usability best practices.

1. Understand & Observe

My first step is to collaborate with business stakeholders to understand desired business outcomes, technical constraints, and user demographics. With this in mind, I observe and interview users to understand their goals and processes.

2. Align & Prototype

I analyze findings and develop artifacts drawn directly from research to help me communicate with stakeholders. Once I achieve alignment with stakeholders, I begin creating prototypes which faciliate users’ goals and meet business needs.

3. Test & Iterate

User testing and iterative design provide constant feedback on the prototype. I share this information with stakeholders and continually test to improve the tool until a final version is ready for deployment.

Please get in touch!

I would love to hear from you! Please get in touch on Twitter or via email to discuss opportunities for collaboration!

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