Sprouting with Mason Jars and Window Screens

I’ve been sprouting for a while now and recently got back on the horse after watching Food Matters (which is, incidentally, on Netflix Watch Instant).

My Sprouting Jars

My Sprouting Jars

I have one plastic sprouting strainer lid for sprouting and it works very well. Unfortunately I need 3-4 of them if I’m to keep myself in sprouts seven days a week and at $3.95/each plus $7.95 shipping they are too expensive for my taste. Also, you can’t be sure they’ll fit the jars you have because “fits most wide mouth jars” is complete crap.

This frustration led me to making my own strainers with the included jar collars and plastic window screen I bought from the hardware store. I was concerned using window screen initially but there are a number of bonuses it carries:

  1. The size of the holes is good even for alfalfa sprouts (my favorite).
  2. It’s very weather-proof and doesn’t rust.
  3. The screens take up almost no room when not in use.

The process for making the strainer lids is very straight forward and includes three steps:

  1. Make a paper template corresponding to the size of the top of the jar collar.
  2. Trace the paper template onto the window screen with a Sharpie.
  3. Use scissors to cut the window screen around the circle you drew.
Cut Window Screen

Cut Window Screen

If you cut right you’ll have a piece of screen that fits very snugly in the top of the jar collar. If you don’t trim it a bit until it fits snugly.

The screen should fit snugly.

The screen should fit snugly.

Not only does this solution look a little better but it’s also cheaper and more convenient for most people not to mention you can make twelve sprout strainer lids for less than five dollars.

So a case of mason jars (about $15) and a short roll of window screen ($5 if I recall correctly) will give you twelve sprout jars, more than enough to keep you in sprouts.


7 thoughts on “Sprouting with Mason Jars and Window Screens

  1. Where do you get your seeds from? Do you have to keep purchasing seeds to grow more sprouts or can you somehow use sprouts to make more sprouts?

    Thank you,


  2. Excellent! Just the tip I was looking for! I have one plastic sprouting lid from about 25 years ago and NEEDED more. I didn’t want to spend the money they want for new plastic lids either. I would follow, but i din’t do computer social. Thanks for the idea.

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