GORUCK Challenge – July 9th in Chicago

For better or worse I pulled the trigger and signed up for the 1am Chicago GORUCK Challenge.

GORUCK Challenge Confirmation

GORUCK Challenge Confirmation

This gives me a lot of incentive to work harder and get fitter in the coming months. Nothing like the fear of failing peers to get me moving.

The packing list is pretty scary on it’s own and is as follows:

  • Lightweight windbreaker that does not retain water.
  • Lightweight trail running shoes that can get wet and can handle varied terrain.
  • Lightweight pair of socks and clothing that does not retain water.
  • Camelbak bladder or water bottles.
  • Some energy bars and/or gel shots.
  • Headlamp.
  • One small waterproof bag with a change of socks and an extra shirt.
  • One form of identification.
  • $20 for a cab in case you are unable to complete the Challenge.
  • 3 standard, regular old brick-sized bricks wrapped in something, such as a t-shirt or a contractor trash bag. I get to carry 3 since I’m 130lbs. Those poor big brutes will have to carry 4.
  • One 25-pound weight. This can be a dumbbell, but it doesn’t need to be. Get creative.

I’m pretty terrified of what’s going to happen. Of course I felt the same about Outward Bound and all the bad things there turned into good things.

I assume whatever bad things happen during the GORUCK Challenge will turn into good things.


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