My puncture repair kit for cycling

Everyone gets flats and you have to be prepared for them.

I’ve honed my puncture kit contents over about ten years of daily urban riding and while it clocks in at a healthy 515g, I feel it’s worth it.

My kit as photographed consists of:

I also ride Mr. Tuffy tire liners which mitigate the need to ever use this kit (knock on wood). I know it’s a bit gratuitous to carry a puncture kit, two co2 canisters, and a tire but I find fortune favors the significantly over-prepared.

The Crank Bros tool is all I need to remove or adjust pretty much anything on my bike. I do not carry a wrench as I have hex-skewers installed on my wheels so they’re slightly tougher to steal and easier for me to remove.

The PDW Shiny Object is great and works flawlessly. My only complaint is it’s easy to drop so don’t change a flat by any storm drains.

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory but if you have any questions please post them in the comments.

I hope that’s a helpful insight into what I carry on a daily basis.


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