Noface Halloween Costume

Last Halloween I was Noface from Spirited Away. It was a pretty awesome costume and I won a prize for “best costume” at Jeff’s Halloween party which is pretty intense because everyone there is dressed to the nines.

IN "Noface" HLL and Andy "Gortons" Konkol

IN "Noface" HLL and Andy "Gortons" Konkol

The party was awesome and the costume itself was pretty simple to make.


  • 1 piece of Airtex Chairpad Foam
  • 5  yards of light see-through black fabric
  • a piece of white cardstock
  • 1 yard of white fabric
  • hot glue
  • patience
  • scissors
  • safety pins
  • black shirt
  • black gloves

I hacked at the foam until I could form it into a bit of a helmet I could cram my head into and then wrapped the foam in packing tape so it would hold it’s shape.

The “face” was just a big piece of thick cardstock with a hole cut out for the mouth and eyes and some white fabric glued over the front with plaster of paris. I used black marker and paint to draw on the features.

"Real" Noface

"Real" Noface

Kit and I hot-glued the big pieces of black fabric to the back of the mask and used safety pins to attach the fabric to the foam helmet and positioned the fabric so that it would hold the face at the correct height for me to see out of the mouth (I’m short).

Since the costume is a helmet and makes you another six inches taller moving and looking around really looks other-worldly and your motions are pretty exaggerated and creepy. A bonus to the costume is that Noface just stands around most of the time quietly so there’s a reason to be a wallflower.

The only down-side of the costume is that navigating six layers of fabric to get a drink to your mouth is nigh impossible.

I wish I had more chances to wear this costume.

Perhaps I’ll wear it to work one day.


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