Lessons From Drew Houston at Dropbox and Adam Smith at Xobni

I just came across this great slideshare presentation from Drew Houston (Dropbox) and Adam Smith (Xobni).

Some favorite slides of mine are:

  • 26-27 – Meet with journalists, give them the angle. Don’t make them work to spread your message, let them do it for you.
  • 28 – Prominent media resources on website. Let people spread your message.
  • 37 & 39 – Simplify. Easier-to-use means 50% increased conversions. Nobody wants to read your bullet-points. They want your website to be easier and to know the next step. It’s important to get the user out of their own way. They’re already interested because they’re on your site, help them convert on that interest
  • 42 – Making feedback painless and then iterating based on feedback. I find a lot of websites want your feedback but few make it easy to give that feedback. Make it easy for people to tell you what they think.
  • 45 – Encouraging word-of-mouth referral increased conversion by 50%.

Of course there’s a lot more in there, but those are my main take-aways.


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