Feeling Lazy

Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to “amount to anything.”

I kick myself in the ass and tell myself I’m lazy, that I’m worthless, and that I should be “successful.” The weight of the world presses down on my shoulders and I worry that I’m not good enough or strong enough or rad enough.

And then I realize I’m amazing.

Looking back at the things I have done in the last six months is pretty awesome and really gives a lot of perspective to what I do:

This is a lot. I’m actually pretty awesome and do a lot of cool stuff in addition to being an awesome person and cool dad.

what we’d assume we must forsake


4 thoughts on “Feeling Lazy

  1. I go through these periods more than I would like to admit. My problem is that I have a terrible sense of time.. and I’m starting to think it’s because I do so much stuff! Looking back at the last 7 months I’ve done and experienced almost more than in my college years.

    • Absolutely. Looking at life now versus back when, there is no doubt that today I’m more productive and capable. For some reason the better we get, the more we expect of ourselves and the further we slip into the feeling we are not moving forward.

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